Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Off to the races!

I finally got a number out of my brother on how many wireless pouches to make. He gave me 40 to start with. He got the prototypes and there is only one slight adjustment that I have to make! I got busy last night cutting out hook and loop tape parts.
I cut up the duck cloth I had washed. It shrunk just a little. I got 28 pouches out of the 2/3 yard piece and a few pieces for the tabs. Now I need to get these sewn together as fast as I can.
I thought I better look at my hook and loop tape and inventory how much I have on hand.
I definitely needed more 2" loop and I bought more 3/4" loop and another roll of 3/4" hook. I will use most of what I have on the pouches. Since I have to pay a small order fee, I went ahead and got a 25 yard roll of 1" hook (I had none) and two rolls of a dark gray loop and one roll of turquoise hook that were in the clearance bin. I get my hook and loop from WBC Industries in NJ. It is so much less expensive that buying it at a fabric store! Now I will be well stocked for the future projects that they needed yesterday!


Anonymous said...

You know their needs so well from working with them so long. I knew the prototypes would be almost perfect!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

40 to start with, makes me wonder how many more he will need. It doesn't look like a lot of fun working with that much black at night but I'm sure you have figured out the good lighting that you need. Sending energy your way to get the product to them "yesterday".

Robbie said...

You are a workhorse! Can't believe all you do...and for others to boot!