Friday, January 13, 2023

Last night's learning curve

Yesterday had it successes and bumps. I had to scan 23 drawings and put them together into a pdf to send to an architect. We have a big scanner. I don't use it very often, but I was successful getting the drawings scanned and sent. Here is the big machine which also can print drawings and a look at the screen as it was scanning one of the drawings. It is pretty boring work, but it went smoothly.  
As soon as I got home, I went to work on my first attempt of making a wireless cover. I have made these before, but the units were bigger and I made them out of lamb leather. The lamb worked out well because there were a lot of openings and since leather doesn't fray you could cut a hole in it wherever one was needed. These new pouches will be made out of duck cloth and lots of velcro. The unit is tiny compared to the size of them in the past. I tried using the old one they sent me a guide and here was my first attempt.
The unit has a button on each side for opening the battery compartment. The guitar tech wanted to see if I could make and elastic band to put around the battery compartment so when he pulled the unit out of the pouch the cover wouldn't fall off in case the compression of the velcro strap pushed on the little buttons. Done.
The next issue was the velcro strap used to hold the unit on so it doesn't flop around. There is a piece of velcro on the guitar strap and on the back of the pouch to hold it to the strap, but for extra security there is a long piece of velcro to wrap around the guitar strap. As you can see in this photo is sits too low on the pouch
So I took the pouch apart and will shorten the tab that goes between the anntenna an the cable hook up, then I can move the velcro more toward the center, but still trying to avoid the strap going over the battery compartment buttons. Yes, a lot of fidding around to get everything just right. I think I will also change the velcro from 1" to 3/4". The unit doesn't weight very much and even with batteries I think the 3/4" will hold it fine.
Here is what an old unit looks like attached to a guitar strap
Once I get the size right, I will send it off to get approved and then I can make "a bunch" of these. What is a bunch? Well, here is a picture from 2016 when I got a backstage tour. Here are the guitars that were used at that time and I can imagine there will be just as many this time.
This group doesn't even include the backup guitars! I was told there is other stuff that is needed to be made so I am going to be busy! What a great opportunity to sew for a rock star and to help out my brother!

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Vicki W said...

That's a lot of guitars! They need security guards jsut for all that equipment.