Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Year end summary

I need to see what I accomplished last year and lay out plans for 2023. I have been keeping track of my buying and using fabric since 2014. In 2022 I bought 55 yards of fabric and used 164 yards. Since 2014 I have bought 1124 yards (YIKES!) and used 1253. That is a lot of fabric! I completed 19 quilts this year. From 2014 thru 2022 I have made at least 171 quilts and made 8 tops which were sent to Vicki for veteran quilts. I wasn't as good about keeping track as I am now so I might have missed a few. Here are the 2022 quilts:
I need to get my to-do list together for 2023.


Kaja said...

What a fantastic round-up of quilts. I love the variety of styles in your work. I especially love the Michael Weber Show quilt with those chunky borders, and the very minimalist 2020 one just below it (and as it happens they prove my point about variety too).

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You had a good year of finishes. It is amazing when we add up how much fabric we purchases over a number of years. You got in on some really good sales and it's hard not to buy fabric that you know you will need for a future quilt.

Katy Sweigart said...

So many great quilts here! I especially like the black star.