Monday, September 30, 2019

More blocks made

What a busy three days! Friday I had to go to the home office to pick up two bags of salmon my friend's husband got me from Costco. I ran into a new detour so getting around that took me several miles out of my way and stopped at Earth Fare on the way back home since they had meat on sale. This trip ended up taking an hour an a half. I got back to the house long enough to throw the stuff in the freezer then headed back out to my brother's house to wait for the mold remediation guys to come. They were giving me as estimate on cleaning up his basement. While I waited - I had a two hour window - I trimmed the grass until my battery ran out then sat and read. They showed up at 1 and it took about an hour to analyze the situation. After they left I had to go and get my 15,000 mile service on my car. I had gotten a twenty dollar coupon so that helped a bit. I had an appointment at 3 so I was early. I just went and found a quiet spot and read my book.

By the time I got home it was 4:30 and I was beat from all the driving. I worked on sewing blocks together. Here is the stack I ended up getting sewn Friday and Saturday.

Here are the pieces I have left that need to be sewn into blocks.

Saturday was the Akron Marathon so there was no going anywhere which was fine with me. I sewed 16 patch blocks. Before the Notre Dame game came on I decided to go and weed the back flower bed where I have my Lenten roses. I didn't take a before picture, but it took me an hour to get the weeds pulled. I was sweating so bad that I stopped after an hour. The humidity has been awful here. After a couple hours of sewing blocks and cooling down, I decided to go back out at halftime and finish the bed which meant moving the rocks I had just dropped last year.

I needed to pull out a piece of wood I had used for edging - it was rotted and easy to move. Then I pulled off the run on the downspout.

I wrangled the rocks into place with one time having to sit down and push a rock with my legs. These rocks weigh between 80 and 100 pounds so I scooted and rolled them where I wanted them. After an hour - way longer than just halftime - I got the rocks into place. It looks so much better!
I had one rock left over, but I have a place to put it. The bare spot is where the Lily of the Valley grow. Once we get some rain and the ground softens up I plan on digging this area up and get as many of the Lily roots pulled out, then transplant a Lenten rose. I know I will be fighting the Lily of the Valley, but as long as I get a good bit of the roots out, I won't mind them coming up between the Lenten roses.

Sunday I went down to my friend's house to help her set up for her yard sale. It is an hour drive. First we had to clean out the garage and that took about three hours. We got the tables set up and then had some lunch. Finally we hauled boxes and bolts of fabric from her studio and sorted and laid out all the ziplock bags of blocks, tops, bolts of fabric and scraps. So this week she can add more stuff and fuss about to set the items the way she wants.

I tried really hard not to come home with any fabric, but I failed! LOL!!! I got a yard and a half of this fabric to make pillow cases

Then she had this music fabric I just couldn't resist taking this bolt of music fabric home. We guesstimated that there was 11 yards.

And she found this bolt of African Dutch wax print that I will use on the back of the baby quilts since it is lighter in color. I love the birds on this fabric. We guessed there was about 11 yards. She gave me the employee LOL!! discount and only wanted a dollar a yard. How could I not buy these three pieces!

I left my friend's house at 3 and headed back north to my brother's house. I spent two sweat soaking hours picking up sticks, trimming the back yard, and cutting down big weeds that had sprouted up in the front. I filled two lawn and garden trash bags and managed to squash them into the trash bin along with other yard debris. Another brother was going to mow the back so I wanted to make sure all the sticks were picked up. I finally got home about 6:15. Now I just need to get someone to help me with my yardwork and cleaning out my garage! LOL!!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

That's a mighty full weekend! We have tons of large and small rocks that we have moved more times than I can count! We have two hot, humid days in the forecast then highs in the 60s. No matter. I had the carpal tunnel surgery so I won't be working outside for a while, or sewing for that matter. I need to change my mindset and be content to read.
xx, Carol

Vicki W said...

I'm surprised that you got any sewing done with all the other chores!

Kaja said...

Wow, your friend had a lot of fabric. I'm not surprised you ended up bringing some home with you.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love that African fabric with birds!