Friday, June 7, 2019

So close

I worked on the first charm pack baby quilt top and I almost got it sewn together. I was so close! I found it easier to sew it together by sewing four patch blocks then sewing them to each other in rows.

I surveyed my plants to see if they survived the near drowning and they did! My first squash plants look great

and the pots where I had started seeds - well, to my surprise the Bok Choy has sprouted! Look at all those little plants!

The other pots have more squash and dianthus, and I didn't see anything yet. It has only been four days since I planted them after all. I placed the pots closer to the garage so they are under the soffit for a little more protection.

The Shasta daisies are so close to bursting open. Look at all those buds!

My coneflowers are getting ready to bloom too. There was a couple buds that I could see what color the flowers are going to be. With sun and partly cloudy weather for the next three days I think I will be some blooming going on!

My plans for the weekend are to do as much yardwork as I can and get both baby quilt tops sewn together. Have a great weekend!

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Kaja said...

Your gardening is going well - you'll be eating squash before you know it!