Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A plan for the rest of the week

Yesterday was a 10 hour day at work. Despite that I still managed to get some quilting done on the flannel quilt. Here is where I was at the beginning (the arrows point at what still needs quilted)
and this shows how much I have left to quilt after quilting last evening

My plan is to try and get the quilting done this evening; I am not working another 10 hour day today! Then Wednesday and Thursday evenings will be doing the binding and adding a label, then Friday I can gift it.

When I got home there were packages. I got the quilting thread from Vicki of Colorways By Vicki. Thank you Vicki! I plan to use the one circled for the 16 patch quilt. I have lots of leftover pieces from the 16 patch so I will put those together into baby quilts and veteran quilt tops to send to Vicki. I will quilt the baby quilts with the remaining two spools.

I have been trying not to buy fabric, but sometimes a project comes along that you need something special that you don't have in your stash or the deal is just to good to pass up. I bought the unicorn fabric and the penguin fabric for making either boxy pouches or tote bags for two little girls for Easter to put candy in, and the skull fabric will be kept for the back of a Harley quilt in the future. The Harley fabric was only $5 a yard so I could not pass it up.

While I was shopping I bought these three pieces too just because I liked them and it is sometimes hard to find light colored prints. I really like the red print so I got a yard of that.

Look how nice the fabric was wrapped. I got this from Bear Creek Quilting Company. This was my first order from them. I ordered it on Friday and received it on Monday. That's great service!
I have more fabric coming. I will post about that once it arrives.

The daffodils next to the house have bloomed and they are so pretty!
This the view from the sewing studio window
The ones in the rest of the yard will be blooming in the next couple of weeks.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Love those fabrics. I will have to check out Bear Creek! Not that I need more fabric, you know. But just in case there’s an emergency.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Ah, spring! Nothing says it better than daffodils.

Vicki W said...

I'm glad the thread is going to work for you!