Friday, April 26, 2019


I am now making a little progress on the Harley quilt. I got the yellow shirt done

and I got this brown shirt quilted.

I have 28 days to get this quilt done so my plans for this weekend is to include some serious time at the sewing machine and make a dent in getting this quilt quilted. I did bother figuring out the percentage done since I only have the two shirts quilted, but I will have a number on Monday for sure.

Meanwhile I have been looking for some good online quilt shops. I have looked at and bought fabric from Bloomerie, Hancock's of Paducah, The Nuts and Bolts Shop, Fabric Shack, Missouri Star Quilt Company, Bear Creek Quilting, eQuilters Fabric, Keepsake Quilting, and Connecting Threads. What are your favorite online quilt shops? I am asking in case there is a shop I have not heard of. I do try and check out the brick and mortar stores when I can.

Have a great weekend!


Pauline Michaud said...

Hi Patti, your t-shirt quilts always looks so good! Hope you have a nice productive weekend. I've had quite the few months since January - life can take such a turn sometimes! I haven't had much time for quilting, other than when I work part-time at my local longarm quilting studio. I'm hoping things will settle down and I can get back to my own quilting soon... for now, it's all packed away waiting for a house sale, house purchase and a move! None of this was planned on January 1st! ...

Ann said...

Good job on progress. And thanks for the list of online shops. Always good to know as there are fewer brick and mortar stores annually

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I like and Thousands of Bolts and only one nut!