Monday, April 22, 2019

I think I have lost my mind!

It was a busy Easter! I did spend time quilting on the 16 patch quilt and it is now 65% quilted. I did fold it up and put the Harley quilt next to my sewing machine. I will start quilting it tonight. I have 32 days to get it finished.

Saturday I went to visit family and take them to lunch. There is a quilt shop where they live so I had to stop and shop the moving sale. I think I have lost my mind with all this fabric shopping I have done lately! I found great fabrics on the $2.99 rack and on the 40% off the last lowest price rack. Everything else was 20% off. The lady prices most of her fabric at $8 and $9; a few are priced at $10. I need to make more baby quilts so I bought yellows, pinks, blues, and aqua with the thought of lights, mediums, and darks to go with what I already have. I have most of the fabric washed and ready to go. I ended up with 35.38 yards for an average of $5.26 a yard before tax.

I took the family out to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. It was nice because they weren't very busy at 1:30-2:00. I brought my leftovers home. Later on that evening I was hungry so I put my leftovers on a plate, put them in the microwave, then went downstairs to eat. I was looking at my rice and there was something odd in it. I found a gold filling! At first I thought someone at the Roadhouse lost their filling in my rice, but I felt around my mouth and here it was mine! How it ended up in my rice I have no idea! I am just glad I found it and it doesn't hurt. I called the dentist and left a message. They will call me today and hopefully I can get in quick and get this taken care of. Yes, it is quite a chunk of gold!

Sunday I went to my brother's house for lunch. I passed out boxy pouches again this year to everyone and they were all happy to get another one. I received an 8" chocolate bunny and some other treats.

I also came home with a check for fixing those clothes a while back and more things that need fixed including a drapery panel that the side hem came apart.


Vicki W said...

I have a couple of gold fillings too. Hopefully they can just glue it back in place. It must have been sticky rice instead of regular rice!

Janice Holton said...

Wow! Very lucky you actually found it before you even knew it was gone!