Friday, October 12, 2018

Thank goodness it is Friday!

What a week. I was so tired after finally getting home from work all I could do is make some dinner and take a shower. With running around and pounding on the computer all day, when I get home I just want to stop and do nothing.

It is FINALLY cooler! The humidity is still high - 69% - but it is 49 degrees and it feels wonderful! It is suppose to stay cooler all weekend so maybe I can go out and work in the front yard. I need to get the rock edging done on my big flower bed, plant the coneflowers and lavender plants that have been in pots for months, and get rid of this pile of dirt that has been in the driveway all summer.

Much of that dirt will be going in the big flower bed. I just need to get it out of the driveway before the snow flies in a few months.

I want to work on the project I can't show you too. I have a feeling the weekend is going to go quickly! Have a great weekend!


Ann said...

You have been amazingly busy between house and yard projects this summer. And it looks like you have quilting projects lined up for winter. That will keep you warm.

Kaja said...

This reminds me that there's still stuff I need to do in my garden before the winter, but it's raining, and raining, so it will all have to wait. Ho hum, I'll have to sew instead.