Monday, March 27, 2023

Done, done and done!

I got the three wireless transformer pouches made for my brother.
I finished Michael's pants. Here is a picture of the flames in the process of being trimmed and the finished pants. I had to take another trip to the store to get more rhinestones. For the entire suit I glued on around 466 rhinestones. He is wearing the suit Friday night for a show he is putting on and I will get a picture of him in the suit and post it next Monday.
and the third DONE was the drape/mask another brother needed.
I made a pizza on Sunday.
The daffodils next to the house recovered nicely from the snow and cold. They are giving me a pretty show. I took this shot from my sewing studio to the outside.
I got some laundry done and got the kitchen cleaned up. My goal this week is to get back to the Harley quilt.


Vicki W said...

The pants look great! He'sgoing to look awesome on stage.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

3 jobs well done and now on to some fun. The pants look great. I bet he is excited to have a new outfit for his show.