Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Updated TO-DO List

I found a few things I missed when I made up my 2022 TO-DO List. The TO-DO list is for items that are not quilt related or quilting items have been handed over to me to make such as t-shirt quilts or you might say new projects for the year. I added items 6 thru 10. After all, five items on a TO-DO list is a pretty lame list! LOL!! I got pictures of all my TO-DO and UFO projects taped on a door with one UFO project already done and moved over to the right side.
1. Re-do Kris's quilt. I need to take this apart, repair the areas where the brocade fabric has frayed at the seams, and then quilt and bind it. It is a small quilt so it shouldn't take me long to do this.
2. Harley t-shirt quilt - I would like to get this one done by March.
3. King sized t-shirt quilt - this is a commission, but with no deadline. I would like to get it done by April.
4. Graduation quilt - need to have this done by end of May/first of June
5. A baby quilt and a larger quilt for a co-worker of my sister. Need for May. I don't have any color suggestions right now. I hope I have something in my stash that will work.
6. Green embroidered blocks. I don't know how these came into my possession. They even came with the matching green fabric for sashing! I have had these for years (I have no idea how long though) and I need to turn them into a quilt.
7. Reline my denim jacket. I have needed to do this for years and I am going to get it done! The lining is falling apart at the neck and the pocket is a disaster. There are numerous holes scattered in the lining. The sleeve lining is in great shape so at least I don't have to rip the sleeve lining out. I also need to do some boro stitching at a couple of places on the denim especially at the pockets. I love this jacket so I am happy to spend the time to get it back in good shape.
8. Repair Michael's pants. My nephew had a blow out in a favorite pair of pants so I need to get these fixed. I don't think it will take long. I just have to sit down and do it! I have had these since last fall.
9. reline Dave's leather jacket. I have let this job languish for way too long. I have had this laying around for a very long time. I recently found out about a product for conditioning leather so I plan on getting some for this jacket. The leather is a bit stiff. This jacket belonged to Dave's father so it is sentimental. I have the lining fabric - not sure where it is right now. This job is going to be a challenge.
10. Fix amp cover. This cover belongs to my nephew and it has been sitting around for awhile. I just need to fix it and get it done!
Last night I did some digging to find some fabric for the lining of my denim jacket. I needed something that was heavier than quilting cotton. I debated on several fabrics - flannel, linen, Essex cotton - but I settled on this Marimekko fabric from 1989 that I had bought at an estate sale for a couple dollars. I think it will be a fun lining and the fabric weight is just right.


Donnie said...

So ambitious. And you get so much done. You are an inspiration.

Cherie in St Louis said...

You gotta love getting Marimekko fabric for a couple of bucks! It will be fun for your jacket lining....two jacket lining jobs....talk about challenges! Those green stitched blocks will make a beautiful quilt. Unique green colors and the fabric matches perfectly!!

Pauline Michaud said...

What a great and interesting list of projects, LOL! Getting any or all of these done will feel really good. Can't wait to see how your denim jacket turns out! I can relate - it's nice to hold on to a favourite denim jacket. I would love to learn about how you tackle replacing and/or repairing the linings of the jackets.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is a perfect jacket lining fabric. It will make you smile every time you put the jacket on.
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with older projects still sitting around. When I finally do decide to get busy and work on things I do as many easy ones first as I can to weed a bunch off the list.

Christine said...

Love your list..... Such variety.