Friday, January 28, 2022


I am so glad it is Friday! After work I had to move my electric heater to the downstairs bathroom to thaw out a pipe. This happens when the temps get down below 10 degrees. Thank goodness the pipe has never broken. I left the heater on all night with taking the necessary safety precautions and the water is now running. I will probably have to run the heater the next couple of nights since it is forecasted to get down to 1 degree. I did get a little quilting done on the blue chevron quilt.
My plans for the weekend are to finish this quilt.  I will post how I sew on my bindings on Monday.  Then I want to get started on another scrap quilt out of those green scraps from the four green chevron quilts. I don't know if any shoveling will be needed although it was snowing hard when I left for work this morning. I also plan on getting the studio straightened up and ready to start my big project for February which will be the Harley t-shirt donation quilt. Have a great weekend and stay warm!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It is snowing here this morning. They are saying it is lake effect snow from Lake Michigan 60 miles away. Cold here too, going below 0 tonight.
I hope you have a great relaxing weekend.

barbara woods said...

It was spitting snow here earlier but then the sun came out so you never know.