Thursday, January 27, 2022

Next step for the chevron quilt

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the chevron quilt tutorials and the finished quilts. We are not done yet! I will have other scrap quilts to make with the leftovers from those four green quilt and I need to quilt and bind this blue one.  I will be doing a tutorial on how I bind my quilt.  I know if you are a long time quiltmaker, you have already perfected your method of binding, but I never know who might be reading this so I want to post all the information needed to have a completed project.  After work I got the blue chevron pin basted.
There was some extra length of back fabric so I cut that off and was able to get two strips out of it for binding.
I decided I might as well go thru the other leftover scraps and see what I could use for binding. I came up with enough pieces. I got them all cut to size - 3" wide - sewed them together, pressed them, and now my binding is ready!  I didn't think to take pictures of how to sew the binding together - geeze!  
I also wound bobbins so now I am ready to machine quilt this latest blue chevron quilt. I didn't have any blue thread that would work so I just went with white.
Here is my weekly posting on the current cross stitch project. Here is where I was on the 20th and where I am now.
I sure was cold this morning. I stopped for gas because I was just a bit below a half tank. Always good to be topped off in this kind of weather! Here is what my car said the temperature was when I pulled in the parking lot at work.  The temperature bounced around from 2 degrees to minus 11. It was cold standing and filling the car!


Pauline Michaud said...

I am very much enjoying your tutorials. Your instructions are very well presented and clear. I will be giving your technique a try as soon as I get through making the goat quilt! Can't wait to see more.

Kathy S. said...

Brrr! Yes, it was definitely cold today. I topped off last night as I like it to be full this time of year as well. You made great progress on your cross stitch since the 20th. It's beautiful as always.

I can't wait to see how you do your binding. I bet we do it the same, but you never know. Happy quilting. Stay warm!

Vicki W said...

Ack! -11! I'd have a total panic over that. Heck, I panic at 20.