Friday, January 7, 2022

Lots of progress on TO-DO #1

I am almost done with sewing the squares back together. I didn't realize until last night that the white fabric was two layers; it is a thin polyester fabric. The light blue fabric including the daisy in the middle are a knit as well as that dark red and navy print. It is going back together just fine and it will be just slightly smaller than when it was originally made which is good because the front and back were the exact same size. Being a bit smaller will help when I go to sandwich the layer back together.
I have been scheduling some work to be done at the house. I needed a plumber because the supply line to the one toilet has a slight leak. It is not leaking much, but it needs fixed! I contacted the plumber to see if he could come the 14th since I have the electrician and furnace men coming that day, but he wants to come this weekend. That is fine by me! I sent him this picture so he knew what the issue was. It looks worse that what it is.
So besides the plumber I will probably make a run to the grocery store, fill up the gas tank then get home so I can sew! I want to get the to-do #1 quilted this weekend and I think I will work on fixing the lining in my denim winter jacket. It has only needed fixed for at least 5 years! LOL!! Since it has finally gotten cold here (14 this morning) I guess I should wear a heavier jacket. Have a great weekend.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I find it hard to convince myself to switch to a heavier jacket. I'm sure you are getting some of the same cold weather we are having.

barbara woods said...

Cold, I thought it was cold here at 24 degrees

Robbie said...

Always something around the house! Hubby had to pull out our downstairs frig (used mainly for pop, some drinks and when I prep food ahead of time). The frig was making a weird noise...but all clean and works like a charm...and we bought this bugger in 1997!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!! I know regardless, you'll be productive!! As always!