Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2021 Summary, 2022 UFO/To-do List and 2022 goal

Here is the majority of the items I got done in 2021: 22 quilts, 45 project bags, 3 Xmas stockings, 5 pillows, 52 tote bags for the merchandise booth, 3 amp covers, 3 platform covers, 3 aprons, and 2 equipment covers. Sprinkle in a few repairs/alterations, seven cross stitch pieces, pulling out and replanting the ornamental grass, working the merch booth for my nephew's band, and I had a pretty good productive year. So if I could jump for joy it would look like this!
My UFO list for last year contained 15 items and I got 10 done! The difference between my UFO list and my to-do list is the things on the to-do list have to get done whereas the UFO list are items that are not critical to being finished. I tape pictures of the items on a door and move them from left to right when they are completed. Here is my door as of the end of 2021 with the completed items circled in blue.
My UFO list for 2022 is as follows: 1. Log cabin quilt top I pieced in the late 70's. I had started hand quilting it, but ended up taking that out since after two moves and getting very dusty from home remodeling projects it was dirty!  I ended up washing the backing and top and pitching the polyester batting.  It is a big quilt!
2. The black and white quilt. I got started quilting this in 2021, but others more important items came up so it got set aside again, but at least it moved from just a top to being pin basted.
3. The 2010 quilt. It is partially quilted, but got set aside. I am hand quilting this one.
4. The Jimmy Buffet t-shirt wall hanging. It is partially done. I have a lot more hand embroidery I want to add to this. I don't think I worked on it at all in 2021.
5. Scraps. I had spent a lot of time in 2020 and 2021 cutting up my scraps into squares and strips of various sizes; it is time to get started on sewing them together into quilts! My 2022 goal is to make a dent in my scraps and see how many quilts I can get out of all these scraps. In the second picture I missed getting one of the bins in the picture; there are three bins of scraps plus what is on the wooden pieces.
6. Hunter green baby quilt. This would be the second quilt that I made out of the fabric I bought for that quilt for my nephew's baby due this month. I have the top pin basted. Since it is not critical I get it done, it goes on the UFO list.
7. Ebb and Flow baby quilt
8. Dark flannel
9. Pastel flannel
10. Red flannel - to be made into a quilt for me.
The To-Do List is as follows: 1. Re-do Kris's quilt. I need to take this apart, repair the areas where the brocade fabric has frayed at the seams, and then quilt and bind it. It is a small quilt so it shouldn't take me long to do this.
2. Harley t-shirt quilt - I would like to get this one done by March.
3. King sized t-shirt quilt - this is a commission, but with no deadline. I would like to get it done by April.
4. Graduation quilt - need to have this done by end of May/first of June
5. A baby quilt and a larger quilt for a co-worker of my sister. Need for May. I don't have any color suggestions right now. I hope I have something in my stash that will work.
I was very tired when I got home from work last night and only managed to muster up enough energy to layout a quilt using up some of the scraps I had cut a year ago from my scrap bins. Once this quilt is trimmed, quilted and bound, I think it will be much cuter than it looks here.
My lists are not too bad which means I have some freedom to add projects if I come across something I want to make. I will print off the pictures and hang them on the door as a visual reminder that there is always something to do!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The visual reminder is a sure way to not forget about a project for years. I need to either do that or at least a list with a reference to a blog post for m visual. You have a lot of big quilts in your first half of the year list.

Pauline Michaud said...

My goodness, you got a lot accomplished in 2021! Lots of great projects done, and more really good ones to come. I wish you a very productive and fun 2022!

Vicki W said...

Given all that you accomplished last year, those 2 lists look very manageable.