Wednesday, January 5, 2022

To-Do list item 1

I decided to work on fixing this small piece that belongs to a friend since she is coming to visit on the 15th.
It was just tied together in a few places and most of the seams were sew with a long length stitch which makes it easy to take apart. It was put together pillowcase style so there is no binding to take off. Yesterday I got the back separated from the front.
This morning before work, I got the borders off and one row of the blocks taken off.
I am going to have to take the entire quilt apart to recut the squares. The gold brocade fabric has frayed in several places so I will have to trim those down and then recut all the other squares to match. I did take a picture of the top so I can get all the pieces back in the original order.
My goal is to get this sewn back together and have it quilted on Sunday. I may have some flannel (the boarders are flannel with pink corduroy corner blocks) that will work for the binding.

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