Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A better picture

Before Andrea took the Harley quilt last night we hung it on the design wall so I could get a better picture of it.

Andrea was waiting for me when I got home from work so I had to quickly make a label and stitch it on. Yes, her daughter was named after her. Andrea told me she has already had people asking if there was going to be a quilt this year because they wanted to buy tickets. She also told me the lady that won the quilt last year, her and her husband redecorated their bedroom around the quilt!

It seems I need to get the quilt done earlier and earlier every year. The poker run is not until August! Andrea is going to collect more t-shirts for me so I guess as soon as I have enough I will get the 2020 quilt started. I was kind of sad to see it go. I didn't get to enjoy the completed quilt for very long.

Yesterday I decided at lunch to find the local quilt shop. The Owner was very nice and was having a 25% off sale including her five dollar clearance fabric! Well, I couldn't pass that up! After cruising the shop - yes I forgot to take pictures of The Fabric Peddler in Wadsworth, Ohio - I pulled a couple of bolts for cutting and dug thru the remnant pile. I found all kinds of cool skull fabric. The remnants were 1/3 to over 2 yards. There were a couple smaller pieces she threw in at no charge. She said she was happy that I reduced her remnant pile. I ended up with 20 and a quarter yards and with tax that came to about $4.00 at yard for first quality goods!

I had the t-shirt quilt with me and asked her if she would like to see it. She took a couple pictures and posted it on Facebook. She really like it and use to ride herself.

Here is a picture of the purple coral bells one of the guys at work gave me last year. They are doing well.


Ann said...

Hopefully turning the quilt in early will mean they can raise more money with it. Congratulations.

Kaja said...

The quilt looks so great, Patty! It's a great way to raise money and I love the idea that there is a bedroom decorated around last year's quilt. I wish I could see it.