Friday, August 24, 2018

5th finish for 2018 and comments

I managed to get another baby quilt bound last night. So now I have four out of the seven done.

I thought it was so strange that I didn't have any comments lately. I was getting lonely not hearing from anyone. Well, blogger is not putting the comments to my gmail first; it is just putting them in the awaiting to be published place! I thought I have fixed the issues, but apparently not. What did happen is when I published the comments? They comments then showed up in my gmail! That is backwards! I will be going thru all the comments and responding, but in the meantime here are some answers:

my free motion quiliting - I just wing it. I am the stitch regulator as I use my trusty old 1475CD Pfaff machine. I have been using the same pattern on all the quilts. It is one I don't get bored with.

The temperatures are better at work. The outside temps have dropped and it is not nearly so hot in here. It is still noisy and dirty, but at least it is not over 80 degrees.

How to do I get the rocks out of my car? Well, I put a blanket down to protect the bumper from being scratched, I put the side of the wheelbarrow next to the bumper pinning it to the bumper with my thighs, I roll the rock toward the sloped end of the wheelbarrow, and slide the rock down that slope as slow as possible. It usually slides pretty fast with the heavier rocks and I have the bruises on my thighs to show for that! When the rocks slides fast it moves the wheelbarrow and in recoiling the wheelbarrow hits my thighs. This process actually works pretty good. I know these latest rocks weigh close to 100 pounds. I have learned that once I get them in the wheelbarrow I need to take them close to where I am going to use them to save myself some work.

My cold is better today although I still have quite a cough. My big plans for the weekend are to get the other three baby quilts bound and to start reworking that double wedding ring quilt. The lady that owns the quilt is getting anxious to get it back. I don't blame her. I have had it for two years and it is time to get it done. Have a great weekend!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Blogger is still goofed up. Many blogs have the embedded comment box that recognized I am a google blogger but wouldn't recognize my blog so I couldn't leave a comment. It was fixed for 2 days and now it is back to blocking me. I wonder when they will figure out we need simple ways of doing things, not geeky complicated ones.

Janie said...

Hi Patty. You are busy getting quilts done!
Good for you.
We've been busy with company on and off. My computer
times have been short and sweet. I'm getting better at
getting more done in small bits of time.
We have light rain and that has cleared up a lot of the
wildfire smoke in the area.
Have a great day.

Vicki W said...

You are making great progress!

Ann said...

Congrats on both your next finish and your rock job. Ha.