Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekend plans

I am going to rip out the drywall on this one wall in the room I call the office. My brother is going to come over Tuesday and help me hang new drywall.

Why? Well, when I first bought this dump house there was a bay window that leaked for what looked like a very long time. When the workers came to replace the window it fell out of the house when they touched it! Well, all that moisture over the years before I owned the place has ruined the drywall and it will not hold paint. Also, the new window was smaller than the old one and I would have to do a lot of patching before I could trim the window. Drywall is cheap so I am just going to take it down, put new insulation in the wall (when I did the bathrooms I found economy 1 1/2" insulation - what the heck?), and install new drywall with the help of my brother. I cannot lift a 4 x 8 piece of drywall by myself. Here is what the bay window looked like when I bought the place

Here is a closeup of the some of the problem

I will first have to clean out the room so there will be some downsizing going on. I have started a list of work I need to get done and if I clone myself and don't sleep, maybe I can get part of it done! I need to get things lined up that I need help with so my brother and I have plenty to do on Tuesday. This will be a good weekend to do this project since it is suppose to be warm. With hauling the debris outside at least the furnace won't be running.

Have a great weekend!

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