Monday, January 21, 2013

Next sewing project, mud and trim

I spend Saturday mudding the office wall and started mudding the master bathroom. I can't say that I am fast or good at mudding, but I get the job done and try to make it so I don't have to sand a lot.

One wall in the master bath. The mud job does not have to be perfect - I am going to tile the bathroom floor to ceiling on all 4 walls.

While the mud was drying I started installing trim. I installed 36 pieces this weekend which seems like a lot, but it seems like I only got a few areas done.
Here is the downstairs foyer. I install the trim on the bathroom door opening and the baseboard.

The two detail shots show a corner the needs a small piece of baseboard. These are always so hard to install and line up with the longer pieces. I decided to cut the small pieces and attached them to the long pieces before I installed the baseboard. I glued and brad nailed them first.


Then I needed to install the shoe mold at the steps (the steps are diagonal) from the bathroom door)

The four pieces of shoe mold installed

I had the painting station in operation painting more trim - will it ever end?!

Next it was on to the fabric storage room windows. I cut and install the extension jambs and the trim around each window.

Here are the windows after with all the trim except for the window casing

I couldn't finish the casing because I need these three pieces of trim ripped (FYI incase you don't know that is a lenghwise cut on a piece of lumber). The distance between the bottom extension jamb and the sill is less than the width of the trim.
One of the guys I work with has a table saw (no I have not bought one of those) and said he would rip my trim for me.

I found a couple of inexpensive frames and framed two pictures I had enlarged from my trip to California. I have the sunset hanging next to my desk at work now.

Now the next sewing project is a medallion quilt using a tea towel for the center. I decided to participate in this challenge over at Victoria's 15 minutes to play blog. There is a lady from Canada who saw my post on 15 minutes to play and recognized one of the tea towels I was thinking about using for my challenge. She said she has one just like it and wanted to send it to me. That way sewing the two towels together will help with the proportions of the final piece. Thanks Brenda! I dug thru my stash to see what I could come up with. I am still working on in my head what this quilt will end up looking like - maybe!

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