Monday, January 14, 2013

Michael's leather jacket and thank goodness for Excedrin

Remember the leather jacket I altered for my nephew? Well, here is the picture of him wearing it. I am so glad I decided to make the sleeves longer than what I orginally thought I needed to make them.

Instead of spending my time and money at a quilt shop buying fabric, this is what I spent my money on this weekend.

and this (one gallon of this has already been used)
I have drywall and some trim that is being delivered today. There goes more fabric money!

I just love painting with a new brush. Every time I am at the store I want to buy a new brush. I my opinion Wooster make the best brushes. They are better than Purdy by far and Wooster brushes are made in Wooster, Ohio! Yes, they are a bit more expensive, but the quality is so superior and if you take care of them they last a long time. I am hard on brushes and I try to keep some for primer and some for paint. I find primer is really hard on brushes.

So I started the weekend with finishing up the flooring in two places. Here are the before and afters. It doesn't seem like a big job, but the fussy cutting at the trim takes time.

I got this ceiling painted except for the edges I couldn't reach. This ceiling is over the steps. I will get the little bit of edging done when my brother brings over his extension ladder one of these days. To make sure I use the correct paint, I always write on the paint can what I used it for.

The I started painting the living room and the ceiling which is the same color. I wanted to get the window wall done so that my brother could help me install the picture frame trim. It is hard to trim out a window this wide by yourself. The light areas are reflections. Yes, the windows are open. It was in the 60's yesterday in Ohio in January. Global warming?

The reason the walls and ceiling are going to be the same color is because the peak is 13 and a half feet! There is no way I can cut in a different wall color from the ceiling color so therefore it is going to be all the same color. See the height?

Here you can see the new light color called Cloud Cover on the ceiling where I stopped.

Then I painted this wall

Next I went downstairs and painted the foyer. I had installed paintable wallpaper here but had never painted it. I wanted to get this painted before I install the trim.

I looked at it this morning and it needs a second coat. The paint color is so close to the color of the wallpaper is was very hard to see. I ended up putting on my headband light to try and see where I painted.

By 6 pm Sunday I was so tired. I did some clean up and when to bed early. First thing I did this morning was to take two Excedrin for my headache I woke up with and the muscle aches. That goodness for Excedrin! I am taking tomorrow off to work on the house. I still need to demo the one wall in office tonight before my brother shows up at 8 am tomorrow.


Vicki W said...

That jacket turned out great! You got an amazing number of chores done this weekend. It must feel great to have made so much progress but I hope you get a sewing break soon!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

All of your walking has kept you in good physical shape for all of this home remodeling. You really got a lot accomplished over the weekend. Good luck tomorrow on the drywall.