Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Progress on the house and an update on the tea towel quilt

I had another very busy weekend working on the house. I wanted to get started on the paintable wallpaper in the upper foyer, but first I needed to reinstall the baseboard I had salvaged. I saved this because it butted up to the stair trim and I knew it would be difficult to find material the same height and thickness. So after sanding and repainting the base went in. I did have to do some cutting on with the miter saw to get it to fit. This was because I changed the flooring and had a new front door installed. Her are the befores and afters. I still need to fill in the nail holes, caulk any gaps, and touch up the paint which I will do after I install the wallpaper.

So then I was ready for wallpaper. Thank goodness for my big sewing table! I used it to cut the wallpaper since it is 8 feet long it made measuring much easier.

Then I would take the strip upstairs to the kitchen and use the counter top for pasting.

The first piece I needed was a 16 foot long piece that would join the lower level wallpaper to the ceiling in the upper level foyer. That was a big piece for one person to handle and it was hard to reach to get it smoothed, but I did it!

With the 16' piece installed I could go ahead and finish the section to the office doorway. I am trying to get the paper installed everywhere I can so I don't waste my brother's time. He is going to come over and help me paper the high areas.

I also got this wall papered, but I forgot to take an after picture. Just let me say it looks good! I will try and post a picture tomorrow. I had to reach around the corner from a ladder set up in the living room to get the one long piece. It was a bit tricky.

I got the walls and ceiling patches sanded in the office. Next I painted the ceiling and installed the casing around the window.

To me the other walls still look crummy and just putting a coat of paint on them was not going to make them look good. So I decided to install more of my paintable wallpaper. I was hoping I had enough and after some serious measuring and figuring, I determined I would have just enough. I took the 7 full rolls and three part rolls and cut the rolls the most economical way I could to get the strips I needed. I did discover that the rolls of paper were not as long as what it said on the label! I needed every inch so that threw a kick in my calculations. Here are all the full cut strips for the office room ready and waiting for me to hang them.

I got two walls papered except for a piece for the corner. I will be splitting a full strip between this corner and another wall - this is what I meant by having just enought! - but I want to get the other wall papered befor I cut the strip. I know it is hard to see in the photos since the paper is off white, but it looks so much better!

This is the paper left to be installed.

I mudded and sanded the patch in my bedroom and brushed on the first coat of paint. It is just so great not to look at that plastic covered hole in the ceiling anymore!

We had company meetings yesterday and I just can't just sit and listen so I doodled a bit. I was playing around with rounds for the tea towel medallion quilt. I want to incorporate traditional elements like triangles, and piano key strips, but in a funkier way so those will be improv pieced. This won't be the final look - I can almost guarantee that I will change my mind as I go along.

I got some paperwork yesterday from my lender and I don't think they are going to send out an appraiser. That means I wouldn't have had to do all this work to impress him, but I am glad it is getting done. The other thing this means is I can slow down on the house stuff a bit and spend more time in the studio. I will find out today if this is the case - let's hope!


Vicki W said...

I am so impressed with all of the work you are doing on your house!

patty a. said...

Thanks Vicki! My skills have improved and my confidence is soaring right now. Thank goodness for my brother's help on the two person jobs!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

The house is looking great. love that foyer. Are you fixing it up to flip? I did that with one house and still own it! The girl living there with her two sons came over every day while we were working on the house and begged me to let her move it. So I am now a Section 8 slum lord!

Can't wait to see all the tea towels.