Friday, January 25, 2013

Tea Towel quilt and projects for the weekend

I am in a challange over at 15 minutes to play which is to make a medallion quilt using a tea towel as the center. Last evening I pieced together two sets of improvisationally cut strip strip sets. I am using the natural linen as my background fabric to tie in the linen the tea towel is printed on.

I plan on making a bunch of stripe strip sets out of this fabric. Once the sets are made I will start to play around with the quilt's layout on the design wall.

Part of the challenge is to put into words the decisions I make about the choices I make in designing this quilt. That is hard! Sometime I just do what feels or looks right to me. I am going to have to really concentrate to try to convey what is going on in my brain!

Last evening I also did some number crunching and planning for the paintable wallpaper that is for the foyer walls. I already papered and painted the downstairs foyer and they do share a wall. There are several very long strips of paper I will have to cut for pieces that go from the upstairs almost down to the lower level and I want to make sure I have enough paper. The rolls have 11 yards and 21 inches so I drew up some rough drawings of the walls, measured the heights, and marked the walls with the width of the paper. I don't want to waste any paper so I played around with the lenghts to get the most from each roll.

I can install some of the paper this weekend, but I will need help with some of the pieces that go up high and that will be a job for Mike/Cobra and his ladder.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I am watching this tea towel challenge closely. I have two that Carrie brought back to me from Europe.

Paintable wall paper? That may solve a problem in my bathroom where I am over the flowers of the 80s and into a sleek taupe look.


Sherri ~ daintytime said...

Sweet. Looking forward to seeing you tea-towel medallion evolve.