Friday, January 4, 2013

Sorting and sewing

I did some cleaning up in the sewing studio and bought some items to make it easier to find stuff when I looking for it. Here is the top of my bookshelf where I used bread pans to keep various items - pencils, pens, tape, and all sorts of little things. Kind of a mess.

Now the mess is all wrangled in this drawer system I bought for $6.88 and the pans will go back to baking bread.

I also took these old storage drawers and this sewing box, sorted the contents, put like thing together, put the small stuff like beads into the drawer system on the bookcase ...

and put the contents into these snap containers I bought at JoAnn's for half price plus and extra 10% off when I was visiting my friend, Peg, over New Years. Now all the zippers are together, the laces and ribbons are together, etc. when they were in multiple containers. Again, it will make it easier to find what I am look for and I also pitched some useless stuff. The old storage drawers will be going out to the garage for storing nails and screws and not to the trash.

I am going to spend some of my weekend working on the house. I need to put a finish coat of paint on this closet that I emptied out last week and primed. This closet is beside the steps and there is a panel that goes in the opening to access under the steps where the water meter is located. I took the panel off to paint it. I painted the walls and floor in the access area years ago to clean it up. I also tore out the old flooring and will be extending the peel and stick flooring I used in the foyer into the closet.

I plan on trying to get some trim installed also. I have trim everywhere! Some of it is sorted and marked, but I need to go thru it again so I can figure out what goes where and if I am missing anything. I ripped out most of the woodwork in the house - it was a cheap builders grade and was beat to hell. I did keep a few pieces that I can't replace with the new wider baseboard I bought because the new wide stuff would not match up around the stairs. So here are my piles

this was in the closet that I am painting

window parts, baseboard, trim for the skylight, and who knows what else!

Crazy wouldn't you say? It is like one giant puzzle!

I do have a sewing project that I dug out when I was doing a lot of sorting out over New Years. I got out my box of African Dutch Wax prints and had started makie quarter log cabin block which I use for baby quilts and other quilt projects. Here is the pieces and parts along with blocks in various stages of construction. This will be something I can work on between installing trim.

I think I have enought to keep me occupied for the weekend. What are you going to be doing? Have a great weekend!

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Frog Quilter said...

I have the same china cabinet with rounded glass front. It came from my grandfather.