Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inspriational book and another beautiful sunrise

I borrowed this book from the library and have been pouring over the pages. I like to make my own stamps on occasion and this book has all the info anyone would need to be successful.

I was busy last evening looking for some documentation I needed for my refy and it took awhile, but I found what I was looking for - YEAH!

I also needed to take some pictures of two of the closets that don't have doors. When I bought this house these two closets had the most awful metal louvered, beat up, dented floor to ceiling doors. I ripped those out while I had a dumpster in the driveway. Well now I need to get them replaced so I needed pictures and measurements for the lumber company to figure out a price.

The sunrise was so pink again this morning!


Vicki W said...

Thanks for the book review. I added to my amazon wish list. We als had a beautiful sunrise this morning but I wasn't about to get out of bed to get the camera!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I will have to look for the book. Once I found a book with propaganda posters from China. I wish I had found it and bought it for myself.