Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Still busy.

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon so I did a couple errands afterwards so my evening was short. I did get a bit more stitched on that little sampler
I need to get my zucchini seedlings planted. It has been only a couple weeks and they are going crazy in their plastic bag greenhouse.
I promised one of my readers that I would post pictures of the yarn winder my Dad make me. She knits beautiful sweaters and had shown on her blog how she loops her yarn around a thread cabinet so she can make the hanks into balls. I don't even knit that much so I feel like this winder is a waste on me! I bought some yarn a few years ago with intentions of knitting myself a sweater so I grabbed one of the skeins to demonstrate how the winder works.  The X piece turns as the yard is pulled. 
I got a message that my elastic has arrived for the wireless bands. Yeah!


Kaja said...

You dad was obviously both creative and practical. Is that where you get it from?

Cherie Moore said...

Your yarn winder is beautifully made. On to the next project! Your brothers keep you busy!

Robbie said...

Your winder does look interesting! I love my thread cabinet for winding my yarn. I don't keep many thread in it as I once did. Now I don't feel guilty having it in my sewing room! It's a dual useful item! Thanks for sharing yours!