Friday, April 19, 2024

Bands are done

It was a bit fiddley, but I got the bands sewed together. The glue worked out perfectly to hold the elastic together while I had to stretch it to get them sewn. I also made the boxy pouch to put them in. I'm glad that job is done!
When I first got home from work I decided to cut back the ornamental grass I had planted along the property line. Here is what that looked like.
This is looking up the hill after everything has been cut.
This is looking down the hill after I did the initial clean up with the leaf blower. I still need to give it a good rake; everything is still muddy so I will wait until it dries out a bit so maybe this weekend.
This morning I went into the kitchen and was surprised on how much bigger the zucchini seedings had grown overnight. I have to keep turning them because they do bend toward the light in a matter of hours. Here is what they look like on Wednesday and what they look like this morning.
I need to get back to the Harley quilt this weekend. Other than a quick trip to pick up my prescription sunglasses that I have been waiting on the corrected pair for a month, I plan on staying home. Have a great weekend.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your little plants look nice and sturdy. I don't start anything from seed in the spring so I'm itching to go to the garden center and see what they have. I'll wait past our frost/freeze prediction for this weekend.

Vicki W said...

Good work getting all of the bands done!

Kaja said...

I really like the fabric you used for the pouch - you always seem to have just the right thing for the job.