Monday, April 15, 2024

Harley quilt progress, stitching, and yardwork

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth, I have just been so busy. I got a bit more done on the Harley quilt this weekend. Only 7 more shirts left to quilt.
Saw momma in the backyard. She looks pregnant. I saw her and her twins she had last year on Sunday. Her daughters didn't look like they were expecting.
I bought a new fry pan from Lodge. It is carbon steel. I tried it out and it worked well browning some chicken and it cleaned up easy. I bought the 10" pan; I think I should have bought the 12".
My order came from eQuilter. I bought fabric that was on sale and had a ten dollar coupon. This fabric I bought for the back of a future Harley quilt. They didn't have enough of the white with the black skulls, so I bought a piece of the dark with the same skulls on it. It is really hard to see the skulls.
To fill out the order so I could get free shipping, I bought some fabric for project bags.
I finished stitching this sampler. I am going to overdye it to age it.
Here is the next piece I am working on; another small sampler. It was very hard to put down and work on something else.
Saturday I spent a few hours outside doing yardwork. The front yard was looking like a hay field! I got the debris from the ornamental grass cleaned up, trimmed, then mowed. I got in about an hour of weeding and cleaning up the center bed; there is more to do. On Sunday, I helped my neighbor cut down her two big ornamental grasses. She hasn't done it before and the plants just look awful. Between the two of us it didn't take too long to get the plants cut and the mess cleaned up. I then decided to shovel for ten minutes to move the dirt from next to the garage to the fill in the tracks left by the skid steer when the fellow pulled out the steps and landing. I figure if I just shovel for 10 minutes I won't overdo it physically. Shoveling is hard work! LOL!! The dirt is fairly loose, but I have to keep picking out bricks and chunks of concrete. Here is what it looked like before I started. I forgot to take an in progress picture. Once I get the ground leveled out, I can finish painting the foundation that I couldn't reach because of the steps.  


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It was so nice this past weekend, it was a joy to be outside. I hear you though about pacing yourself with shoveling.

Vicki W said...

Holy cow you have been busy!