Tuesday, April 9, 2024


That describes the total eclipse I saw yesterday. My neighbor took some fabulous pictures
Here is when we were in total and it was as dark as night. There was no light whatsoever! I know you can hardly see anything, but there was a silver of light and two solar flares!
On a not as exciting note, I am now more than halfway done with the Harley quilt. 14 of the 25 shirts are quilted. I was glad to get the middle one quilted.
I did get the ornamental grass cut down that borders the front of my property. There are 7 plants and I ended up using my little electric chain saw to cut them down. The stems get so woody! I still have some cleanup to do, but I was glad to get them cut back before they start to grow.
The home office had some eclipse treats and the boss man who was at a meeting there brought a few back to our office. Unfortunately, I threw the cookie in my bag, and it got broken. I should have taken the picture before I put it in my bag. It was a cute cookie.


Vicki W said...

So glad you got a good view of the eclipse! I hate to admit it, but I really miss eating Moon Pies! Fortunately, for my health, I'm allergic to them now.

Cherie Moore said...

Excellent photos of the eclipse from your neighbor! Pretty amazing how dark it gets, isn’t it? It’s fun you got some eclipse swag :).