Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Next project

I had planned on quilting that vintage bowtie quilt next, but plans changed last night. My nephew called and brought over an amp he needs a padded cover made for it to get the right sound. He doesn't like the sound coming from his other amps; the sound is too sharp and loud. He had this bigger amp with a closed back and with a padded cover he thinks the sound will be so much better. He can't put covers on the smaller amps because the backs are open to let the heat out generated by the tubes inside. So this will be my project for the next couple of nights so he can use this amp for the shows we have for this weekend.
He brought over the moving blankets that I will use for the padding and I already had a big roll of duvetyne which is a fire resistant black fabric that I will use to make the cover.

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