Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Bowtie quilt progress and what a weekend

I will start out with the quilt progress. When I had time over the last four days I worked on the bowtie quilt. I am having to work in some of the fullness in places, but overall it has been easy to quilt. I am about 40 to 45 percent done with the quilting.
Friday I made cookies for the band and a loaf of bread for me.
My brother and his son stopped over to pu the amp while I was at work. When I got home I found a lovely surprise!
I got the gray travel cover finished for the amp and it fit perfect.
Friday we traveled to Lakewood, Ohio and set up the band on the front porch/entry of the library.
Before the show I had an emergency sewing job. All I had with me was some embroidery floss and a round tip counted cross stitch needle, but the fabric was a looser weave and I was able to get the seam stitched up in the few minutes I had before the show started. I was sewing as fast as I could with several people breathing down my neck.
Here is the merch booth all set up and ready for customers.
Spiderman came to see the show!
Saturday's show was in Canton, Ohio at the new Centennial Park that was built. The facility is 1 1/2 years old. It was a beautiful place. Look at that screen above the band
Here is the merch booth, some kind of a huge concrete sculpture and the canopy.  I didn't have time to walk over and see what the concrete sculpture was about.  
Unfortunately there is not a roof over the stage area so when it started to rain it was was mad scramble to get all the equipment covered. I had to get the merch cases packed up as fast as I could since they have to be loaded on the trailer first. I got some help packing from a woman that her and her husband come to a lot of shows.
Sunday was Painesville, Ohio. It rained the whole way to the show, when we unloaded and set up, during the show, and when we tore down. There was a little break so the kids could get their photo taken. I couldn't get any other photos because of the rain. The show ended up being cut short because the roof over the stage was leaking and there was so much water on the stage it was dangerous with equipment plugged in. It was another mad scramble to get everything packed up. It was pouring. It is sunny today so my brother, SIL, and nephew will be dragging everything out of the trailer to dry it out before the next show.
I was glad to stay home on Monday. I quilted, did some laundry and just rested. I finally felt better by the afternoon. I did have a visitor; he stood in the front yard for the longest time.
Finally about 5 I went out to trim and mow the front and one side yard. My yard looked a mess! I saw that the flower beds needs some serious attention - lots of crabgrass and weeds have popped up. Here are a few day lilies that the deer missed.
Now I have to day a half day vacation today because my A/C isn't working. My HVAC repair guys can come out this afternoon thank goodness! The condenser is working; there is just no air coming out of the vents so maybe it is an issue with the blower.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Wow, what a busy weekend! It's too bad about the rain and worrying about equipment getting wet. I hope Michael still gets paid when the show has to end early.

Vicki W said...

It's wonderful to be appreciated! You have to go to work each week to recover from your weekends!

Robbie said...

The Amp cover is awesome!! WOW...so professional...but we wouldn't expect less from you!!!!! And nice you received acknowledgement for it the best way....chocolate!