Monday, July 23, 2018

What a weekend

I did get a bit of stitching done on the JB quilt. Once I get the backstitching done I will add some stitching to make it look like a blanket stitch. I like the Fuchsia color for the border of this t-shirt.

Then the rest of the day Sunday was watching the TDF, the Cleveland Indians and sewing together 14 tote bags to use at the merch booth.

I wish a bolt of that duck cloth would just magically appear at my front door so I could make more of these. We never seem to have enough bags for the customers. Since I take my own bags to the grocery store I don't have and those plastic bags to use. I went around the house and gathered up a bunch of extra cloth bags and used those this weekend. When someone buys and vinyl or a bunch of t-shirts, CD's and pics, it is nice to be able to have a bag if they need one.

Saturday we had two gigs - yes, two in the same day at different places locally. The first was just a half hour show at the Soap Box Derby.
Here is the track

For the kids that win their heat, they take the kids back up the hill in shuttle carts with a motorcycle escort. I have no idea how the get the cars back up the hill.

Here are some of the equipment covers being used.

We had to hurry and pack all our stuff up and head about 8 miles up the road to the next gig. It was getting hot, but we got the equipment unloaded in plenty of time and got the merch booth set up.

Here was my view from the booth

One of Michael's fans had a beverage in her hand and I asked he where she had gotten it. She said she would get me one as she had a couple extra drink tickets. I paid her gladly for a drink ticket and this hit the spot because it was so hot.

Michael wore the green jacket that I had added the yokes and sleeve decorations to. The fabric sparkled in the sun. It was a long day. We had left my brother's at 9 that morning and we got back about 8:30.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Hitting that Hard Lemonade, I see! Drinking is no fun any more, I have to plan it and not take this medication that day if I am going to have a drink. It is hell to get old!

Ann said...

Wow. A very busy weekend for you.

Kaja said...

What a day. All your handiwork looks great - on Michael and sitting over the equipment. We can't get plastic bags at the grocery stores anymore - or anywhere else for that matter - part of the crack down on plastic pollution.

Janie said...

You're a busy gal!
The equipment covers look good.
The hand stitching and bags are coming along too.
Keep cool!