Monday, July 2, 2018

Hot and busy

The last three days are almost a blur. The heat was exhausting. Thursday after work I needed to mow. An hour and a half later I was toast. Friday it was hard to get up because I was still wiped out. I messed around doing small jobs, went to two grocery stores and straightened out my embroidery floss. It was a real mess! I had lots of skeins that needed wound onto holders.

Now all the floss is sorted and put away into this pouch that was my mother's.

Next I headed over to my brother's and we all loaded up in the van to head to a gig. I don't like playing this particular place because of where they make us set up the merchandise. It is too cramped and oh was it hot. There was a fan running, but unless you were standing in front of it …

The organizers had a wood fired pizza place set up. I can't imagine having to stand in front of that all evening!

Michael put on a heck of a show and entertained the crowd. He jumped on top of the tables and used a wine bottle as a slide and also stood on top of the speakers. I got to bed at 2 a.m.

Saturday I went out and trimmed the grass and moved some rocks. After two hours of that I called it quits. Back inside the dough was ready to be baked for flatbread.

I did a bit of embroidery then got ready to hook up with my brother, SIL, and son to head to Cleveland to see Ray LaMontagne and my brother who is touring with him.
Here is he is at work.

I was so hot it was hard to enjoy the show and I was miserable. I was glad when it was over. Even though we were by the water is was still so hot. Once in a while there would be a little breeze which would help.

I got to bed about 1:30. On SundayI decided to try and get out and move a few rocks every couple hours. I ended up moving 66 rocks over the weekend. Here is the pile before and after.

I moved most of the rocks to the new planting bed and it is starting to look good.

I threw a pot of water on the stove with some beef and made a big batch of vegetable beef soup for lunches this week.

Between moving rocks on Sunday, I worked on the embroidery on the JB quilt. When I was straightening out the floss I found another skein of the color I needed to finish this border

Then I got this border done

Today is the last day to submit to the High Arts Prize and I am not going to participate this year. I just have too much going on to get the JB quilt done. I will just work on it and maybe I will get it done for next year. I have too many gigs to work, too many rocks to move, and more equipment cover to make.


Charlene S said...

Don't over schedule yourself! Take care of you.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I think that makes a lot of sense to not try to hit that deadline when you have such a good start on your rock edging project. The heat and humidity are just as hard on our energy levels as the hard work.

I'm so happy they fixed the comment thing even though we have to go in on our end and do part of it.

swooze said...

It sounds like a disappointing event for you. Hope missing a year maybe perks things up for you.

You’re rock work is looking good!

Janie said...

Nice embroidery!
You are busy with lots going on!
Good idea to make ahead for meals, I gotta
remember to do that.

Kaja said...

Wow, you have been busy! The garden is really coming on so full marks for your tenacity in moving all those rocks. I bet you'll be glad when it's done though.