Friday, July 20, 2018


It is 80 already in the space I work so I will be glad to get out of here at the end of the day. Last night I did make myself put together another equipment cover that I already had cut out. This cover is for this keyboard.

I added straps with Velcro so if the wind catches the cover underneath the straps will keep it from blowing off.

Tonight I need to try and get the covers for the speakers. I need to make two covers as there are two sets of these units.
I don't even have the fabric cut out. Yikes! Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, so I would like to have these made just in case. I need to make the covers with a flap that can be lifted up so the sound is not muffled. I bought window screen material to make the front of the cover

then I will add a zippered flap so if it rains the speakers will be protected. I needed some long zippers and they only came in white. I didn't want to look at white zippers on the covers so I thought I would use some fabric paint on them. When I was digging around I found some Dye-na-flow that I forgot I had. I mixed up the white with some black and brushed it on the zippers. This will look a lot better.

I was at work early so I could get the last of the gravel rocks I needed for around the A/C condenser.

and I fixed the valet guy's sign. The maintenance staff fixed it once - poorly I may add - and it broke again. They weren't interested in fixing it again.

With Loctite Power Grip and some clear Gorilla tape it is all fixed
Have a great weekend!

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Kaja said...

I hope you have a good weekend too!