Friday, July 13, 2018

Thank goodness it is Friday

I thought I had my blog fixed so the comments showed up in my gmail first and then I published them. Before blogger changed something that is they way comments worked which gave me an opportunity to get chatty with you directly. Well, what I did to fix the problem did not fix the problem so I will say thank you for all your support on my crazy posts with the rocks!

My order for more car cover fabric came. Yes, I use all 20 yards of that order I got a few weeks ago for covers for my nephew. This time I bought 30 yards.

My brother decided he wants covers for the PA speakers and the monitors which both are expensive pieces of equipment. I need to make two of each. That is one of the jobs I will be tackling this weekend.

Of course I watched the TDF while I rested after work. Peter is still in the green jersey. He is going to break the record for the most days wearing the green jersey by any rider. He is still young so he could set a record that would be hard for anyone to beat.

After that it was time to unload rocks. I had brought home a bucket of egg sized rocks and a file box of the gravel rocks.

I dumped both of those around the A/C condenser and decided I need to make a transition between that and the Lenten rose bed right beside it. I went and gathered up all the flatter rocks I could find around the yard and in the pile of rocks I still have in the driveway. I will need a few more gravel rocks! LOL!!!

I had two big rocks that I cannot pick up that need to go out back for the edging for the Lenten rose bed.

I rolled them down the side yard hill

And here is where they sit now. I need to get them over across the back yard way down to that bed in the far background. I figure I will just roll them a few feet every time I am out back and eventually I will get them where I want them. Just like you said Swooze - inch by inch!

I was able to get a few more medium rocks this morning so my goal this weekend is to place as many as I can to figure out if I finally have enough. I sure hope so then I can quit going to work so early and get back to sewing!

Have a great weekend.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You will get in your bending and stretching rolling those big rocks!

swooze said...

Busy lady! Keep it up!

Ann said...

Wow. Road crew duty is tough. I remember spending the summer in the desert on field work. No sunburns the whole time but I got a bad one as soon as I returned. I'd been tremendously careful in the desert but forgot all my rules once I returned home. I hope you get better soon.
Where did you get the car fabric? My BIL needs some.
Good luck with all the rocks.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

That is too funny about your big rocks! Inch by inch.