Tuesday, July 31, 2018

More quilting

I was so tired when I got home from work I had to just sit awhile. I did finally get moving and finished quilting another baby quilt. I have the binding already cut so I will be able to finish the two pink step zig zag quilts quickly.

I finally managed to get the TV stand done. I put the handles on the drawers and pushed it into place. I may have to drill a hole in the bookcase to the left to plug the tv in and I might end up drilling a hole in the top of the TV stand to feed the cords thru, but I will wait until I am absolutely sure about how to hook everything up.

The new tv came last week. I got it with credit card points.

I dug out more baby quilt tops that need finished. I have five blue quilts and found some backing fabric I got a while ago for a great price. I think the fish fabric will look cute on the back of these boy quilts. Now I just need to find the fabric I set aside for the binding!


swooze said...

You have such great energy! Good luck on your binding search

Kaja said...

Your tv stand looks perfect. I bet you'll be glad when you get the tv in place and it's all done.