Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Not done yet

I am still working on that center t-shirt! I finally got all the meandering stitching done

I now need to do some detail stitching to hold the center design of the eagle in place. I started stitching the shield, but I have a bit more to do

Then to anchor the center of the shirt I will do some outlining at the eagle's head.

It snowed again yesterday and thru the night. When I left work it was snowing hard or should I say the graupel was coming down so hard it was hard to see across the parking lot. Here is what it looks like this morning

And here is a view of the hike I have to take from the parking at the park next to the hospital to get to the entrance. See the two vertical elements toward the right center? Well, I walk to the far right one, take a left and the front entrance is about another 100 feet. I decided to check this morning how many steps it was and my fitbit said 900. Not a bad walk unless it is 25 degrees out with an 11 mph wind which makes the wind chill 14 degrees. LOL!!

I would rather walk in the cold and snow than rain and I know that will happen eventually.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That was some storm yesterday that circulated from the east coast in a counter clockwise direction all the way to IL. We just got flurries but Chicago got some accumulating snow. I'm so ready for spring.

Ann said...

I helped my BIL with his t-shirt quilt recently. Love the detailed quilting on yours.

Kaja said...

As always I love the way your quilting lifts everything somehow - it's a skill.