Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Binding and deer

I now have the binding sewn on two sides of the Harley quilt. I just can't believe how I have not been able to get into a groove with the changes in my daily schedule with this new job. It is frustrating not to have my lunch hours to do stuff around the house that I now have to do when I get home after a long day. Anyway, I have the third side binding lined up ready to pin.

Last evening I was running around doing stuff, looked out the window and saw a group of deer in the backyard. There is a pack of six that hang together. Does that qualify as a herd? LOL!!Some of them headed out front and I got a picture of three of them eating the new growth the daylilies are sending up. Once the daylilies get a bit taller the deer leave them alone until the flowers bloom and then they will eat those.

I took this picture thru the upstairs window so there is the reflection and my thumb! The group is four doe and two fawn that were born last summer.


Vicki W said...

Can you do some hand sewing on your lunch hour? It's always hard to get in a different groove.

Kaja said...

When I was younger I liked the idea of spontaneity and freedom but now I love my routines and hate when they change too much. Hopefully you'll get used to your new rhythm soon.