Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Still painting

I was at company meetings and training all day yesterday so no time to post. This weekend I got the two pair of jeans fixed - tapered the legs, hemmed, and patched holes in the crotch area.

I got a second coat of paint on the door casing and it is now staged in the spare bedroom

I still have some baseboard to paint.

I went and bought come color matched paint for the TV stand. I was using white, but it was too white and didn't look right next to the bookcases. So now I have some IKEA white and gave the pieces a second coat except for the top. Looks like I am done painting right?
Not. I have the other side of the shelves and divider pieces that need painted

At the meetings I did take some knitting to keep hands occupied. I got 40 rows knitted. I have a safety pin marking where I started

The safety department gave everyone a pair of heavy duty gloves as a response to the 8 first aid accidents that happened last year that involved hands and fingers. The company has gone over two years without a lost time accident which is great! The company I work for does highway and bridge construction which can be dangerous work.


Vicki W said...

You are making great progress! Nice gloves, too!

Kaja said...

Little by little you are getting there. I could do with some gloves like that - I'm always hacking my hands about.