Monday, April 1, 2013

Productive weekend

I worked on the gray and pink quilts on Saturday. I just started sewing together the pieces I already had cut out and found I did not have enough pieces already cut. Then there were some left blocks and some right blocks so I just started cutting more pieces to fill in the gaps. I used up some of my Kona snow scraps (always good to use up those scraps!) and cut out enough of the pinks and grays to make two quilts. While I was at it I cut the bindings too. These are on the small side - about 32" x 43".

Here are a couple of pieces of Sassaman fabric I found in my stash that will make cute back for these quilts.

I got the Buffet inspired top done! Do you remember how I agonized over the fabric for that last row? Well, I found the cute beach ball fabric on sale, picked up a half yard and used it for the last row and I love it! If you have ever been to a Buffet concert you know there are beach balls bouncing throughout the crowd. The top is 47 1/2" x 60".

Here is the backing and binding for the Buffet quilt. I know the fish on the white and blue fabric are not sharks, but I think it will still make a cute backing and fit in with the theme. They are Spanish Mackerel.

I also got the window treatments for the office cut out and some stitching done on them. I have a sheet covering the closet's contents right now. The afternoon sun shines thru one of the windows onto the closet and I need to get window coverings on before the summer sun blares into this room. They are just simple treatments - the same I put on the fabric storage room windows - so they will not take long to make.

I did spend about three hours cleaning the garage on Saturday. It was such a mess from cutting wood for the bathroom. When Mike and I pulled out the vanity to take into the house, I just took all the stuff that was on top of it and around it and pitched it to the side. It looks much better now and I can wallk all the way around the car without tripping on stuff.

Right now it is snowing! I don't think it will accumulate, but I am tired of this cold weather. Yes, in a few months I will complain that it is too hot!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...


The quilts look fabulous. And u got a to of stuff done. I was not so productive!!!


Vicki W said...

I feel like I worked myself to death this weekend and still didn't accomplish half of what you did. I haven't sewn a stitch in a week. Hope to remedy that tonight.