Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Next project

The weather is finally nice so I again last evening decided to do some yard work. I got another flower bed cleared of debris, spot sprayed weeds, and then got really brave and tackled the back yard. I will have to attack the backyard in sections because it is so bad. I mowed a section and tonight I will rake. There are a lot of sticks and leaves, and since the grass was very tall I couldn't use the bagger so I will have to rake. I need to keep doing this every night until I get a handle on the mess. It is suppose to rain tomorrow so that will slow down my progress, but I will just keep working between the drops. One piece of equipment I wish I had is a chipper/shredder. With part of my backyard being wooded there are so many sticks and branches that it is hard to keep up. I burnt some stuff last year, but that just takes too long when you can only have a little fire.

After working outside I figured my next project would be the Halloween quilt I am making for my brother, Mike, whose birthday is on Halloween. I had some pieces already made because I used the Halloween fabric for my improv demo at quilt group. Here is what I have done so far. I just randomly stuck them on my design wall.

I have a few groups of pieces that I cut to show how I improv cut the fabric so I will sew those together next. Then it will be a process of cutting and sewing more blocks. It doesn't take long to sew these blocks together, so this is a nice way of getting a little sewing time when I come in from working in the yard.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I like the way you think Halloween! I have some purple leftovers from my Halloween, will they fit in you bro's quilt?

We have a lot of sticks as well. Chloe loves to chew them into tiny pieces so I do have a chippe sorts!