Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lots of progress

Look who is back - the ducks!

After starting a load of wash, I went out to work on the rest of the center flower bed. It is suppose to rain the rest of this week so I wanted to get this done. This bed got totally out of control since it was so hot last summer. I was still not 100% from surgery and the heat was awful so the flower bed suffered. Now it is time to get it back in shape.

Here is the mess under the plastic. Maybe if I would have put down paper underneath I would have gotten less weed growth, because where the leaves were thick the weeds didn't grow. Thank goodness I left all those leaves instead of raking them out before I cover the bed with plastic last fall.

So here is the bed with at least a couple of layer of weeds and grass removed. Now it will on to planting and mulch. I plan on filling this bed with coneflowers because the deer do not eat coneflowers and the flinches love the seed heads. I did find a couple daylillies that I missed digging out last fall. I dug up most of them and gave them to a co-worker's husband who wanted them for their drainage ditch. I asked if they were coming up and they were!

Next was working on the gray and pink quilt for my neighbor's baby due shortly. I managed to get about 40% of it quilted.

I don't even know what to say about the events yesterday in Boston. Prayers to all. Let law enforcement find the scum that did this.

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