Monday, April 8, 2013

Quilting the Buffet inspired quilt

Saturday I had to get my taxes done and I decided to check before I left that I had everything I needed. Last year I forgot something and what a pain. When I checked I didn't have my W2. Crap, where could it be? For a half hour I tore the house apart. I finally found it and took off for my appointment. Guess what I had to do when I got home? Yes, clean up the mess I made looking for the W2. I was tired so I worked on cleaning up between resting. I took a bag and bucket of papers out to recycle and had a pile for shreding.
Here is the quilting on the Buffet inspired quilt. I am using Connecting Thread Essentials in Meadow. It feels good to sit down at the machine and do some quilting! I haven't quilted since December! This will be my first finish for the year. I am not counting the polyester quilt since I did not construct the top. Oh, by the way, I met up with the lady on Saturday morning and she loved it!

I managed to get one of the pink and gray quilts layed out and ready for pin basting.

I finished the window treatments for the office, but I needed to touch up the paint on the window frames so I couldn't hang them. I will post a picture tomorrow.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I forget, do you have a long arm or do you do it all on a domestic head?

Whatever you do, it is really nice work