Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update on the Buffet inspired quilt

Yesterday I decided I am going to go walking down at the towpath as much as I can. The weather has finally warmed up. Here is one of the two Canada goose that were chillin' out.

Here is the one window treatment hung up. I lined these with room darkening lining to keep the sun at bay. Stupid me I forgot that the windows in this room are not the same size so I will have to take the other curtain partially apart and make it smaller for the other window.

Here are a couple more pieces of African cottons I bough from Becky at St. Theresa's Textile Trove in Cincinnati, Oh. She emailed me and told me about these pieces so I just went ahead and bought them. You never know ......

Here is what the back of the Buffet inspired baby quilt looks like with some quilting. I like the look of the pale green thread. I ran thru two bobbins before I called it quit and went to bed.

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cindi said...

love your quilting pattern. is it free motion or a pantograph? if it is free motion, please tell me how you keep your stitches so even. mine never seem to be consistent. congrats on the refi,now you have more time to quilt.