Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting little things done

I went to the drug store at lunch yestday. They had Excedrine on sale and playtex gloves two for the price of one. Their slogan is "Discount Drug Mart saves you the run around, they have everything you need" and it is true! I find things I didn't know I needed! When I was in there I found some inexpesive plant pots I needed for my cactus and suculents I brought back from California, and the correct potting mix for them. It is hard to find cactus and succulent potting mix in Ohio in the winter! So I repotted my little friends last night and gave them a good drink of water. I have been afraid of overwatering them and here I haven't been giving them enough so it was a good thing I did this last night because they were parched! Drug Mart also has a nice grocery area and I bought a box of large pasta shells for stuffing since they are hard to find, but Drug Mart has them!

I went outside last evening to get the weekly free newpaper and my neighbor was out cleaning the inside of her car. I have not seen them all winter and she is due with her second child in three weeks. We talked a bit and I asked about the baby's room. It is a girl and the room is pink and gray. Perfect! I had made a quilt for her boy when he was born so I have to make one for Mikala! I knew I had some left over blocks in pink and gray. I was able to lay my hands on them and stuck them on the design wall.

There were also some pieces cut out for more blocks so I will sew them together and have a quilt top very quickly.

I am hoping to stay home like a hermit all weekend. I know it is Easter, but my family got together last weekend for my dad's b-day so ... I haven't had a weekend to do what I want to do for so long I just need to keep burning the incense and relax. I have a lot of cleaning to do so I will try to sprinkle that in with getting some sewing done.


Vicki W said...

You deserve a weekend to yourself to sew. No home dec projects allowed!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Here's to a productive quilty weekend! I love anything with grey!

How did it go with the mortgage lady? Did she get out alive with only singed hair?

Thanks for the comments about my nudes bathing. I am really getting into them!