Thursday, April 11, 2013

Progress, progress, progress! Yeah!

First on my list after work was to get the tools and workbench out of the bedroom so I could get to the windows. Done!
Here is another shot of the back of the Buffet quilt. I have worked my way around to the other side of the quilt where I used this cool shark fabic to make the backing wide enough. Since the satellite kept going out last evening with the thunderstorms we had I spent more time quilting than watching TV so I went thru 3 bobbins last evening. I am almost 50% done quilting this piece.
Here is the way I machine quilt an overall design like I am doing on the Buffet inspired quilt. I start at the side and work my way back and forth.

I do all my machine quilting on my faithfull Pfaff 1475.

Cindi asked how I keep my stitches so even. I think it is all a matter of foot pedal speed and how fast you move the quilt. Yes, it is all free motion. I wish I could go faster and sometimes I have the foot pedal all the way to the floor so I can move the quilt fast, but mostly I work at what I would call a medium fast speed. I also have had a lot of practice which helps with getting consistent stitches. I find I do have to concentrate not to move my hands too fast. I have gone thru 75,000 yards of quilting thread in the last 2 1/2 years so that is a lot of practice!
Here you can see my set up. I have tables my dad made surrounding the sewing cabinet that my dad also made. I put my quilting station in the corner so the quilt would not fall off the table because of the walls. This works great even for big quilts. Sometime I do put another table beside me on the left when I quilt a big quilt to support the quilt from falling on the floor.

Remember these sad diaffodils that were all yellow from being under the black plastic?

Well, look at them now! Two weeks later and some sunshine and they are beautiful!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Your daffodils are beautiful! Thanks for the views of your quilting set up. One of the bad things aobut blogging so far away and across the hills and dales is that I can't come and sit in your room with you and kibbitz