Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to the library

I went back to the library yesterday to add the five pieces I needed the Command hooks for. While I was there I moved the large green piece on the right up higher just to make sure that the sun did not shine on it. Tomorrow I will post my list of stuff I needed to take to hang the quilts. It will be helpful to me in the future since I will know where the list is and maybe it will be helpful to someone out there in blogland.

I added three 9" x 12" pieces on the posts by the windows. I still don't like where the far right piece is hanging, but there is no other place to hang it in the room.

I added a piece to the left above the fire extinguisher and one by the door. It like playing where's Waldo! I need to make and hang labels for the five small pieces yet.

I was looking for some mindless sewing last night and so I went into the UFO pile and pulled out this piece. I had done some hand quilting on it (that's why it is thread basted), but I am going to finish it with machine quilting. I don't plan on pin basting - I will just remove the thread basting as I go along. I will probably double check areas that all the thread basting is gone by the edges before I quilt them just in case.

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