Monday, February 11, 2019

Making progress

I only got one more t-shirt quilted this weekend. I am now 84% done. The small Robin Hood shirt is done. The blue outlined area is what I have left to quilt.

Between running errands I worked on the cabinet. I got the second coat on the case and hung it on Saturday. You need a lot of tools - well, at least I do - to hang a cabinet - a level, tape measure, blue tape, shims, caulk, a drill, a multimaster, a stud finder

I had to shim the cabinet so it was plum so I got out my multimaster to trim off the shims sticking out
I installed a few of the shelves.

I have the backside of the doors painted. I need to flip them over and paint the other side and edges.

Saturday I had to go to the site at the hospital to take apart some lockers. My DIL wanted four of them so my son and his friend came up to help me take them apart and they hauled them to Joe's truck. The lockers that are left will be trashed today so I had to get them out.

It was sunny on Saturday and I noticed that the daffodils next to the house are coming up. I bet they regret that since it snowed late yesterday. We only got about an inch.

I did the repairs on that bag of clothes. I had to sew on a snap, a couple buttons, hem a pair of pants, fix a seam that had popped open and a seam that was coming apart. Most of the items still had the tags on them. I think they came from a store that sells name brand clothes, but there are repairs that need done. They are all neatly folded and ready to go.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You are a lot smarter than me with hanging that cabinet! Will that store a lot of things that were on the other shelves on the wall?

QuiltSwissy said...

I hate when they trash great things like those lockers! I know what you mean. I need a lot of tools tool. I usually get things done while frank is reading all the instructions from end to end!