Friday, January 4, 2019

Review of 2018 and Harley t-shirt progress

I like to take a look at things to see what I accomplished in the previous year and if I had made a dent in my stash and the amount of quilting thread I have. Overall I did ok. I made one t-shirt quilt and seven baby quilts, worked for months on that secret project, and finished out the year with getting the one very large t-shirt quilt ready to quilt and the Harley quilt top almost sewn together.

I reduced my quilting thread by about 19,000 yards

and with making all those boxy pouches, my stash was reduced by 67 yards. I had used up these spools which are both sewing thread and quilting thread

The amount of sewing I did last year was less that previous years due to exhaustion from the heat at work, but I sure did good with salvaging those rocks!

I managed to get the bottom row sewn on and the t-shirts for the top row trimmed close to the right size. I will trim the sides once I get the top row sewn on and then the top will be done!
This is the fabric I plan on using on the back.

Only working three days this week has been great! I could get use to that. Next week will feel so long with working 5 days - oh well. This weekend I plan on starting to machine quilt Sammy's quilt. Have a great weekend!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I would say you really got in a lot of exercise moving all of those rocks to position all summer. That is probably better for you than hours sitting at a sewing machine so it was a good trade off. The best part will be the new view of the gardens with all of the rock edging next spring. Winter is a good time to catch up on the sewing and to get your fabric fix.

Ann said...

How on earth do you keep track of thread? I'm always excited to throw a spool out; I never save them. But kudos to you for your many finishes and yardage gone.