Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New pressing pad

On Saturday I decided to make a new pressing pad to replace my old sad one

I cut the front and back panel off this box my new (still not hooked up LOL!!) TV.

I used some aluminum tape that the insulators had left behind to tape the cardboard together. Once the insulators get down to just a few yards on a roll, they just toss them on the floor. The stuff is too good to waste so I gather them up! This tape is expensive if you go to buy it. I am only using it because it was free.

Next I decided to cover the cardboard with aluminum foil to keep moisture out of the cardboard and taped the foil with the aluminum tape.

Next I added a layer of wool batting - just because I had a small piece laying around - and a layer of warm and natural which I wrapped to the back side.

Finally I covered it with some backing fabric.

I had to try it out so I washed a bunch of fabric that needed to be washed and started pressing it. The new pressing pad is 30" x 47" so it is plenty wide to lay and press the full width of quilting cotton. My old pad was 23" x 58".

Here is the pile of fabric I pressed on my new pad

Using what I had got me a handy dandy new pressing pad!


Vicki W said...

You have motivated me, I've been meaning to recover mine for a while... maybe tonight!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have a pressing pad like your old one and it liked to move around. Your new one is going to be nicer I think.

Kaja said...

I need to make one of these!